Friday, March 12, 2010

A couple of cool experiences

Had several cool experiences this last week.  One relates well to the bird side of the blog and the other touches on another theme and that is music.  I have not had any moving food experiences recently, so that should be coming soon I hope.

Getting the message out ( in ever increasing concentric circles around the Center)   is one of the most challenging components of our job in the education department.  Whenever someone wants to talk to you for a TV show or a newspaper or a webcast, you say sure.  Most are perfectly well meaning, but sometimes the process is irritating.  Schedules don't match.  You need something difficult from a bird.  Challenging, but often energizing.  I do it a lot.  Talking with Leslee Johnson was fun.  She listens well.  Is able to converse intelligently (which isn't a given)  and writes nice stuff about the environmental topics I enjoy.  Here are some links to articles she wrote based on our conversation.  Brevity is not my strength, and fortunately, she had 3 stories planned.  I guess 300 words is what humans are reading now a days before switching off.
Fierce canaries in a huge mine (how about that title!).  Nice  chatting Leslee!

The second cool experience happened the other night at the Charleston Pourhouse.  I have been playing music for a long time.  I started my true professional career in a group called Wheelhouse in 1997.  Matt Weldon and I played acoustic music to lots of drunks in many fine establishments with bartenders named Randy.  While I often jest about my songwriting prowess, I have only ever recorded two original songs.  One about my dog that I wrote while playing in a band with my friend Ray Murphy.  The other I wrote during an art history class as an undergraduate.  At the PoHo gig, we had a small, enthusiastic crowd.  We had requests for songs from  the record.  There was a young lady who knew all the words.  She sang the melodies and we could have harmonized to them.  Every word.  Started with a duet with Chris on "Montana Cowboy" a high lead solo tune.  All the words to my song "True Wisdom, " all 7 minutes of it.  And she sang on key.  Felt really cool.  This video reminded me of it. .  No pictures in this edition.  Deal.  Thanks Flatt City fan, for liking our record.

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