Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Can't live on birds alone

Sometimes strange schedules make for days off in the middle of the week.  I have today and tomorrow off as my "weekend" this week, so I thought I would take advantage of nap time to mention a couple of my new favorite songs. I forget sometimes how energizing new music can be.  If you like music, you'll probably get hooked on
one or both of these.

"Ruby" - The Dave Rawlings Machine -,  I can't get this song out of my head.  I have listened to Dave for years as the archtop wielding sideman of his wife and songwriting cohort Gillian Welch.  This is from his solo project.  The band is Dave, Gillian and the guys from Old Crow Medicine Show.  Great hook, cool harmonies, groovy pickin'.  Nothing but wood, strings, picks, bows and voices. No fancy tricks.  Music.

"The Gardner" - The Tallest man on Earth-  This Scandinavian dude has a style and singing voice that appeals to me.  I first saw him on the NPR series Tiny Desk Concert.  There are tons of other great acts on there as well.  From Classical to Hip Hop.  At any rate the tall guy really has soul.  His guitar playing works with his voice and poetry to produce something that I enjoy and think you should check out if you like music.  You know, wood, strings, picks, voices.  Music.  Plus, the space in which this video is filmed is pretty awesome.  Must find out where it is before my next visit to the City.

I can't quit singing them in my head and repeating them on the i-pod.  Fortunately, I think Lindsay and Emily like them too.  

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  1. Agreed...it is impossible to live on birds alone. This is why us clinic folk can often be found taking a moment or two to listen to whatever is playing in mental soundtrack.

    Fully appreciate your choices!